'A Stone Marries An Egg' performance-installation that is a treat to your eyes

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 26, 2023

'A Stone Marries An Egg,' is a large-scale performance and immersive art installation by Doyel Joshi and Neil Ghose Balser

All picture cedit: HowAreYouFeeling.Studio

The large-scale performance and immersive art installation was held at Mumbai's The Great Eastern Home recently

The performers were 108 women artisans sitting in mono-coloured pink outfits in a formation while creating flower buds in a repetitive synchronised and choreographed motion

Thereby playfully mimicking their work in production sites in Uttar Pradesh, demonstrating their role in the ‘system’ amounting to a world of consumption, question, guilt and beauty

A poem that speaks of identity in a modern world, and the signature pattern derived from the poem, was integrated into the performance art

108 craftswomen sat in the formation of the signature pattern, raising the ideas triggered by the poem

The installation and conversation will move in May to the recently launched Her Story flagship in Kala Ghoda

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