A guide to spot Flamingos in Mumbai

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 07, 2023

Flamingos are back! Bird lovers and environmentalists are excited to see the pink migratory birds back in the wetlands


Flocks of flamingos can be found in Mumbai during their season which is usually from December to May.


These birds feed on their favourite food, blue-green algae. While, the grey fledglings feast on the brine shrimp and other small crustaceans, which feed on carotenoid-rich blue-green algae


If you want to sight these tall-legged birds, you can find them at Bhandup Pumping Station. Swei Creek, Thane Creek, Tawale Wetlands


These flightless birds move according to the tides, and can be most easily spotted a couple of hours before and after high tide


One of the easiest areas to access is the Sewri area, where they are seen a-plenty during this time


Early morning between 6am–10am would be a good time to catch a glipmse of the beautuful birds


You can be a part of flamingo-sighting tours organised by the Bombay Natural History Society


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