Struggling with break up trauma? Here are 9 ways to overcome emotional mess

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 06, 2023

If you are reading this, chance are you're trying everything to get over the person you thought you would spend your life with. Breaking up is never easy, even you initiate to end the relationship. You go through a range of emotions to deal with and not many would be there to understand you. You are dealing with each feeling on your own, and overcoming your break up is also up to you. Here are a few steps that can help you heal faster and move on with life

Express your emotions: Do not hide behind curtain if you are going though something. Whatever you are feeling, express it and share it. If you don't want to talk to people, write them down. The process is funny, sometimes, you feel sad, sometimes anger and sometimes you are absolutely fine. It is important to acknowledge them

Consider your breakup as a physical injury: Try and be graceful about your breakup just the way you would deal with your broken leg. There's no answer about how long does it take to get over a breakup. Try to be patient. It's not easy but the emotional pain won't go away overnight. And road to recovery is a process. There will be days you would feel better but someday you feel worse. Respect whatever you are feeling

Do the things that make you happy: Most of us let go of the things that we used to do before being into a relationship. Rekindle with those special activities. This will make you happy. It will be empowering to get back to the piano class you used to go or taking a brush and canvas to paint a beautiful scenery you would love to do earlier

Be around a good support: Don't underestimate the power of your parents. They are the strongest support system in this situation. You may want to be around your friends but scared of being vulnerable due to anxieties, don't think about that. Know that everyone goes through that phase once in life. Do not shy away and reach out to people you lost touch with

Consider reaching out to a therapist: It is important to share and equally important to have someone who is unbiased and neutral to your situation. The third person, your therapist will prove instrumental in gaining deeper understanding in what happened and what was your role, and how you can learn and grow from it for your future relations

Stay away from relationships: Healing after a breakup takes time and in between we seek a person in our life who can support us emotionally. In this journey, we tend to reconcile with other men or women we meet, which actually doesn't help. Do not get into any relationship soon after your break up

Stay away from reminders: It is normal to give and receive gifts to your boyfriend but when you break up try and keep those things away from your eyes. Those can prove to be a painful reminder further delaying your process to recovery. Don't save those text messages and call recordings, and don't visit them again either

Don't chase your ex on social media: You don't need to know about what they are up to, so don't fall into the trap of lurking on their social media or having mutual friends keep you updated. If you feel obsessive about it, better unfriend or block your ex and your mutual friends too, it's fine, you are on the road to recovery and you matter the most

Create new memories: It may be hard for you to go to the same restaurant where you two used to go and spend time. But use this opportunity to create new memories. Go there on your own and order what you used to eat with your ex. Eventually, this will make you feel strong. You can also go to a new restaurant alone and make that as your place to have your lone time

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