9 Types Of Common Phobias — Which One Do You Have?

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 30, 2023

Aerophobia (Fear of flying): It is common in many people who are scared of flying. It is also related to the fear of heights

Cynophobia (Fear of dogs): The one who is scared of dogs will be uncomfortable around any breeds or sizes of dogs. It is usually associated with some traumatic experience in childhood

Claustrophobia (Fear of closed spaces) : It is one of the common phobias where a person feels uncomfortable in a closed situations like elevator, in a room or under a subway

Hematophobia or Hemophobia (Fear of blood): The fear of blood or injury is very common as it can cause dizziness, fainting, and sweating. It is usually linked to fear of needles, blood extractions or injections

Nyctophobia (Fear of dark): It is mostly a childhood fear that continues in adult life. One may imagine monsters and ghosts when put in a situation just like most of us do as kids

Acrophobia (Fear of heights): High floors, balconies, rooftops, airplanes, and other elevated areas are something that a person with this phobia will find problem adjusting

Ophidiophobia (Fear of snakes) Those who suffer from this phobia can become blocked and remain at the mercy of the snake they fear so much. This is also related to the fear of lizards

Necrophobia or Thanatophobia (Fear of things related to death): For example, going to funeral homes, hospitals, coffins or thinking about dead people or animals. Even watching news on television can affect someone with this phobia

Enochlophobia (Fear of crowds): It can generate anxiety and panic attacks in those who suffer from it, causing them to avoid crowded social situations and limiting their social life to a minimum

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