9 Things Women Wear That Men LOVE

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 12, 2023

Anything red: A red dress or a top and red lipstick always attract men

Stilettos: make the legs look longer, and add a dash of confidence which men like

Yoga pants: convey that you are active and secure in yourself and do not need to be all dolled up to turn heads. They are embracing a female figure, which is what every guy likes to see

Pencil skirts: Figure-hugging pencil skirts are among the top things men love seeing on women. With a plain white shirt and a pair of heels, this work-to-date-night outfit will bring a guy to his knees

Total black look: Men love to see women wearing all-black especially during night out. Black is associated with hotness, confidence, and intelligence

No-makeup look: Men enjoy seeing women without heavy makeup. Still, to keep it natural; you can apply a touch of concealer, lip tint in your natural colour, and some blush on your cheeks

Hoop earrings: Men love when a woman wears a thin, uncomplicated pair of hoop earrings as they elongate the neck and face

Crop tops: are fun and youthful so they are a must-have for women as men like women wearing them. Denim shorts: They also, like if women wear denim shorts

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