9 signs the guy you are in relationship with wants to marry you

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 09, 2023

It is not wrong to think of marrying the person you are dating and feel comfortable with. But you may not propose this topic in fear of scaring him away. So the only way that remains is to look for signs he wants to marry you. We have list out a few signs to note that show he wants to lead a happily ever after with you

You know everything about him: It takes a lot of effort for someone to open to another person about their deepest secrets and pasts. And you know everything about your partner – past, present and future is a sign for a healthy relationship. You can bank on this sign that he is planning a future with you

He shares his future plans with you: It is a major sign when your partner shares his future plans with you. His career and life goals are not hidden from you and you are also included in the plans

His friends know you: It's not always two of you who are meeting but his friends as well. If he introduces you to his friends which means he wants them to know you too and say that you are there for a long life

You know his family: If he has introduced you to his family, he may want to marry you. When he introduces you to his family, he is setting an expectation to his family that you will be around long term

He wants to meet your family: Not only he has introduced you to his family but often talks about meeting yours. When he gets to know them, he makes an effort to form a good impression on them. Know that he is trying to make them convince to choose him for you

You have discussed about children: This is an important conversation and if you two had a discussion about it to start a family and having children, it is a huge step towards having a future together

Your opinions matter to him: Being in a relationship is like being in a team. You help each other with many decisions. And if he includes you in his decisions and asks for advice, this is a sign that he values your advise and wants to be with you

Your needs and preferences are important for him: If he wants to build a life with you, you will notice that he is considering your needs and preferences first and tries to fulfill them. He remembers what you like and dislike

You are his closest confidante: You are the first person in his life to know what's happening in his life. Anything good or bad, he rings you and updates you because he knows you will be happy for his good news and stand with him if something is not right

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