9 millennial words that define modern Indian dating which never existed before

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 17, 2023

If you’re dating in 2023, the first step is learning how to speak the language. According to a Tinder survey 66% of young daters frequently chat through messages and they have different names to address their relationship status.

when they're romantically interested and they have different names to address their relationship status and call it ‘Textlationship

While 49** prefer a relationship that is casual - yet clearly defined and call it ‘Situationship’

‘Rizz’: is a term when you have matched with someone who’s got the late night conversations that have you hooked, also called ‘Tase’

‘Love Haze’ is for those who find themselves falling hard and experiencing a possibility of togetherness

And if all else fails, don't worry, making ‘new friends’ and being in a ‘BFS’ is always a win

Neo Love: You may just start randomly and then hit off but then, you are completely surprised by your match's behaviour

Clearly, there’s more to those ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ and ‘I am interested in you’. The modern dating demands more and the adult daters are pro at using the lingoes that never existed before

And while you’re on this dating journey, don't forget to look for a match who is a 'Verified QT' and 'Super Like' them when you do!

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