8 Ways To Keep Your Children Away From Unwanted Online Content

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 07, 2023

It's difficult for parents to keep their children away from internet and the content that at times does not concern them. However, ignoring it is not an option, for your teen doesn't require any information that's incomprehensible

Here's how you can keep your little one away from unsolicited news updates to avoid embarrassing questions as well as keep the child’s innocence intact when you can not keep them away from a smart phones

Talk openly with your child about online activity: As soon as your child gets access to the internet, keep the conversation going about what websites they are accessing. Make a list of the sites they use and look at them together. Don't tell your child which site is not for them, at times, children do what they are asked not to, rather politely divert them to something appropriate to their age

Keep their devices where you can see them: Monitor your child's time on the internet. Keep the computer or phone when you can keep an eye on what your child is doing and viewing online. You may consider checking their browser history to see what site they are visiting

Keep mobile devices on forgot Wi-Fi password: This way your children can not go without you knowing. You can also switch off home Wi-Fi at night and indulge in other bedtime activities

Know that parental control is not wrong: It may be an innocent search but it can lead to no-so-innocent results, so use restrictions offered by web browsers and activate the safe search filter. This way all the explicit content to children will be blocked

Know your child's group activity: You know your child's friends but you need to know what website their friends are visiting and discussing. Monitor their conversations without offending themselves

Make your child aware: It's a demanding task but as a parent you can teach your children to question themselves if something is right or wrong. Ask them questions if they would like certain thing or not, let them come up with answers and they would know what's not right for them to do

Face their questions openly: There will be times when your kids will come across content that doesn't concern their age, then it is important you respond with open mind. Don't shut your child, rather discuss the topic in a manner that the child understands what's right and wrong and if that particular content is important to him/her

Lead by example: You are your child's first hero. Don't do anything that you don't want your child to do. If they see you being cautious and respectable when you are surfing a website, they are more likely to follow your footsteps. Limit your own screen time

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