8 red flags of gaslighting in a relationship

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 03, 2022

Gaslighting in a relationship is a psychological manipulation that involves making the other person question their own reality, feelings, and experiences of events in order to maintain control over their partner

Before it's too late and you lose your individuality; it's better you step out of such relationship. Identify these signs of gaslighting in your relationship

Your partner is dismissive of your feelings

You find yourself frequently making excuses for your partner’s behaviour

Your partner often says, "You’re overreacting"

Your partner also calls you overly sensitive

They make you believe that it is your fault, while it is otherwise and you find yourself always apologising in your relationship

They never let you speak during a conflict and it is difficult to convey your feelings to your partner

If your partner doesn't apologise when you express hurt but convinces you that you shouldn't think what you are thinking or feel how you are feeling

If you are feeling voiceless and suppressive in your relationship, it's high time you break the shackles and fly away

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