8 reasons that you are a Tom

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 03, 2023

Food is your first priority: No matter what food makes you the happiest. Remember Tom trying to lure Jerry out of his hole with a piece of cheese

Your mouth is your problem: You can't hold back and don't know when to speak what. You let your temper take you into violent territory, and ultimately become a villain despite being the victim

Easily trust others: You have a good heart and a strong moral conscience which make you trust everyone, just like Tom would trust Jerry every time

More flirting skills: You know how to woo a woman just like how Tom knew the intelligence of luring Jerry and other cats around

Make your loved one happy: You know the very idea of friendship. Though, Tom and Jerry would fight, so may be you with your friends but you know how to maintain the friendship

Feel guilty always: You are someone who would be at the receiving end of the guilt that you face after behaving badly with someone, even if it's not intentional

Your friends make fun of you: This doesn't need explanation. Jerry and Tom had the most funny relation and Jerry would not leave a chance to mess with him

Always a teetottler: Na, you don't like anything but a glass of milk or a fresh juice, just like our Tom, who is fond of spilling and drinking milk

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