8 Must visit forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 19, 2023

Raigad Fort served as Shivaji’s capital and is also where his coronation took place

Shivneri Fort was the birthplace of the great Maratha warrior

Sindhudurg Fort was built on an island in the Konkan region during Shivaji’s reign. the sea port gave the Maratha naval ships a secured base

Pratapgad Fort is one of the most important fort in Maratha history, as it where Shivaji began his true reign after defeating Afzal Khan

Purandar Fort was captured by Shivaji from Aurangzeb. This fort played major role in Shivaji’s victory over the Adil Shahi dynasty and the Mughals

Torna Fort was the first fort captured by Shivaji at the age of 16. Shivaji renamed the fort as Prachandagad and also built some new monuments inside it

Vijaydurg Fort was conquered by Shivaji from Adil Shah in 1653. Known for its 40-km long Waghotan creek, this fort was used to anchor Maratha warships

Suverndurg Fort falls on the scenic Dapoli coastal stretch. This sea port was conquered by Shivaji after defeating Ali Adil Shah of the Shilahar dynasty in 1660

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