8 Japanese DIY Home Decor Ideas That Are Considered To Bring Good Luck

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 17, 2023

Keep it minimal: Japanese believe in keeping more open space in their house. Keep your home d├ęcor to minimal. Every object you place in your living space should be small but aesthetically pleasing

Sliding doors or shoji: Screen sliding doors aka shoji are one of the most iconic features of Japanese home. Ususally made with wooden frame and paper, these sliding doors create unique charm to the house. You can add them in room and hall

Add some lanterns: Ditch the conventional lanterns and choose Paper lanterns which look different and give your home a different charm. Japanese lanterns fit into any area

Ikebana: an art of flower management: In Japan arranging flowers is an art form and it brings natural beauty into the home. Typically Ikebana are arranged in small areas with other creative artworks. Common flowers in Japan are orchids and palm

Cultivate bonsai tree: Available to buy online, bonsai trees are admirable and Japanese grow many of these tiny trees at their home. Bonsai trees are believed to bring luck

A meditation space: There has to be one corner where you find peace and solace. Almost every house in Japan has small meditation space which is linked to several physical and psychological benefits

Add Tatami mats: Japanese add tatami mats on their floors and then keep their furniture. You can also remove furniture from that space

Use bamboo: Bamboo is very commonly used in Japanese homes. Create a bamboo wall paneling or use bathroom accessories made of bamboo

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