8 Binge worthy and healthy snacks for your favourite relaxation time

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 21, 2023

Binge-watching is incomplete without binge-munching or binge-eating or snacking. Zucchini Chips or banana/ bitter gourd or spinach chips; are extremely healthy. Though you may not heard about them but they are equally tasty as potato chips

Nuts are tasty as well as healthy food items that you can munch on during your binge watching sessions

Roasted Chickpeas are not only healthy but they also contain a good amount of fiber and vitamins. So, they are an ideal snack option while whatever you are watching and also, fill your tummy

A bowl of Fox Nuts or Makhana: are the powerhouse of antioxidants and are the healthiest option to replace popcorn. You can simply roast the makhana with a small amount of ghee. Sprinkle black pepper and salt; enjoy this delicious snack in your 'Me' time

Fruit bowl: is rich in vitamins and minerals. So, slice all of your favorite fruits, add chat masala and relish it while watching TV

Baked Ragi Chakli: are absolutely binge-worthy as they are yummy as well as guilt free snack item

Masala Peanut Salad: Mix peanuts with your favourite veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions and top it with lemon and salt for a tangy taste and delicious masala peanut salad is ready. It is a mouth-watering snack and nutritious too

Corn Chat: In boiled corn, add salt, chilli powder, lemon and chat masala in it and there you go. It will satisfy your hunger cravings

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