7 Ways To Train Your Brain To Excel In Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 02, 2023

Read everyday! Reading is a habit that will help you grow in life. It helps in knowing more about life and also helps you cut down on screen time that will help you maintaina better sleep routine as well

Exercising regularly is something you cannot compromise. Make sure to exercise for 30-40 minutes daily. Exercising in the morning is the best thing to do, but in case its not possible, you can schedule a time suitable for you

Remove distraction from your way. Sticking to your plan and doing all your activies as planned daily is something you should, without getting distracted. Remove distractions like your phone or TV from your space during the time dedicated to your activity

Keep a journal to note down your day. This will also help you write down your ideas and plan your day accordingly

Meditation is good for your mind and your body. Meditating daily for 30-40 minutes is something that will energise you for the day

Get out of your comfort zone! This is something that you should push yourself to do more often. You cannot be doing just the same thing again and again, instead learn something new or rather face your fears

Stick to a daily routine. This might sound easy, but in reality it isn't. Try to follow your daily plan every day, initially it would be hard but later you will get a hold of it and start enjoying it

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