7 Morning Habits That Will Transform Your Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 18, 2023

Plan the night before and wake up fresh. From the work to do and the clothes to wear, plan it beforehand

Avoid checking your phone when you wake up. Now, that is a challenge but still we need to try to stay away from our phones for a while

Start with a glass of water before you do any activities. Water on an empty stomach will make you feel hydrated

Get outside! Make this a habit every morning, even if that is for 15-20 mins. Taking that fresh air and brisk walk is perfect for your health

Check your Calender and To Do list before you leave the house, for perfect time management

Identify your one thing you love to do in the morning and give more time to it. That one thing can be taking your pet outside for a walk or just meditating at home or reading a book

Journal It! Write your thoughts down in the morning as well

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