7 Ways To Maintain Your Self-Respect

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 21, 2023

Don't wait for someone who doesn't care for you. Let them go. Sometimes, not being concerned about someone is better for your mental health. Don't stay in a relationship if your partner doesn't value you. Walk away. Treat people as they deserve to be treated

Refrain yourself from saying more than is necessary. Limit yourself to productive and meaningful conversations

When people try to disrespect you, confront them at the same time. Don't tolerate bad treatment from anyone in the world

Think before you talk: Don't start speaking something which is meaningless. Also, make sure that your words doesn't hurt anyone

Always dress the best and look the best. Always wear a smile wherever you go

Respect your time. Don't let anyone waste your time by indulging in useless talks and activities

Don't go where you aren't invited and even, if you are invited, don't overstay

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