7 Adorable Ways To Make Your Partner Happy After A Fight

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 14, 2023

Fights are not always bad in a relationship; they are much needed to keep the spark alive. It is after a fight, you realise your love for your partner even more. To elevate their mood after a fight, here are these 7 ways that your partner will find adorable and will make them happy.

Cook for him or her: The best thing that you can do is cook their favourite food and it will eventually melt their heart. You can set the perfect ambience by lighting candles, putting fresh flowers in vase and playing soft romantic music that you both love.

Write a love letter: Times have changed and email and texting have replaced the age-old way of writing letters. But handing love letter to your partner expressing all your feelings for them; could be the most heart-touching thing especially if they are old school.

Buy a gift: Buy something that they were wishing to buy from days; anything that they really wanted. It doesn't have to be expensive but could be anything from a bag, wallet, clothes, earphones, or diary. Your thoughtful action will bring a smile to their face.

Make a card or draw something for them: If you are someone who is good at drawing or painting or can do something creative; then you should definitely try your hand at it.

Pick them up from their office: Wait for them after their office. Seeing you there is bound to impress them. Take them out to a beautiful place where you two can speak to each other comfortably and sort out the differences.

Body massage: You can give them a relaxing hair massage or a body massage. This will calm their senses. Body massage can be quite sensuous too.

Sticky notes: You can stick notes at different places in your house, be it a cupboard, fridge, in bathroom, dining table, their file folder or bag- to express your love, say 'Sorry'and to remind them of something they keep forgetting.

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