6 Signs To Identify A Person Who Keeps You Safe

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 10, 2023

You are the truest version of yourself. You can be weird, awesome and imperfect when you are in their company. You can be perfectly imperfect with them.

You can be vulnerable and share your deepest fears, weakness and problems in your life. You are even able to share about your past life traumas and their effect on you till now. You don't feel the need to hide anything from them.

Their presence is calming, soothing and peaceful. Your heart rate remains steady when you are near them and isn't accelerated. You feel safe and secure.

You take their feedback seriously to improve yourself and don't take it negatively. You are aware that they want just the best for you. Also, they will never judge you.

You don't shy from trying new things with them and are open to experimenting- be it food, adventure, activity or anything else. You know even when things go wrong, they will be there to protect you. You trust them.

You can express the things that you don't like about them, things that you need from them without the fear of being misunderstood. Communication is excellent between you two. There is ample space to understand and being understood.

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