7 times Lionel Messi redefined winter fashion; check out for inspiration

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 19, 2022

Argentina star footballer Lionel Messi has once again proved why he is no.1 with his team winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 and when we glanced over his winter fashion style, we found these amazing inspiration check lists

A off-white hoodie jacket with orange zip like Messi is a must have jacket in your kitty which could be paired with blue denim jeans and the zip makes it easy to style according to the weather

Ditch the same- black, blue and white; and try a full sleeves red tee like this fashion icon on this Christmas and you are bound to gain attention from many

Black hoodie jacket could be your perfect choice if that is your colour just like Argentina's superstar

Cold weather but you don't want to wear jacket? Try a full sleeves collar neck tee like Messi, we loved the white and black stripes which is making the tee stand out

The footballer is giving complete style inspiration with his black winter fluffy jacket over a tee and you could wear something like that too

Messi's navy blue hoodie winter jacket is easy to wear and gives a cool sporting look

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