7 Things To Keep In Mind While Discovering Your Own Personal Fashion Style

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 11, 2023

Are you someone who is on a journey to discover your own fashion style? Over the years we all go through a massive style transformation due to trends, age and professional reasons. From rading your wadrobe to creating a mood board, you must have done it all, but here are 7 things that will definetely help you in creating your own style

The first and foremost step to discover your personal style is self- reflection. Take some time to reflect on your personality and interests. Write down the things that makes you feel comfortable. confident, your hobbies and even your favourite colours. These can provide clues to your style preferences

Prioritise comfort! Clothing should make you feel at ease and confident. Avoid sacrificing comfort for the sake of fashion trends. A key part of developing your style is feeling good in what you wear and rocking it

Our profession play a crucial role in defining your style. If you are into a corporate job, you might be wearing crisp white shirt and black blazers regularly. While, if you are into an artistic field you would prefer wearing something bright and bold

Colour preferences is something we all need to take care of while on our style journey. Pay attention to the colours that make you feel good and complement your skin tone. Experiment with different colour palettes and shades to get the perfect colour that suits your style

Understanding your body shape is important for finding clothes that flatter your figure. Knowing your body shape will also help you to style your clothes in a way that enhances your best features and make you feel more confident

Another important rule of discovering your style, is to keep experimenting. Keep an open mind to evolve your style, as you experiment different styles, silhouettes, and combinations to see what works for you. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things

Last but not the least, make sure to always keep your fashion style under your budget. Do not go overboard with the price! Fashion doesn't have to be expensive. It's possible to create a stylish wardrobe within your means by shopping strategically and investing in versatile, timeless pieces

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