7 Reasons Why You Must Visit India's Yulla Kanda, The Highest Krishna Temple In The World

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 07, 2023

Yulla Kanda is the highest Lord Krishna temple in the world situated at an altitude of 3,895 meters above sea level in the Rora Valley of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

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A journey to the Yulla Kanda offers the best trekking experience with an enchanting view of the Kinnaur mountains

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Yulla Kanda is located inside a holy lake which is believed to have been made by Pandavas (from Mahabharata- Hindu Mythology) during their exile

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This holy lake is said to have healing properties; so a dip in this holy lake is believed to remove all the negativity from the mind and body

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It is believed that when a traditional cap of the Kinnaur region is inverted and put in the holy lake and if the cap floats across the river to the other side without getting immersed, you will be blessed with peace, joy and harmony in your life. Whereas if the cap doesn't make it to the other side, it means destiny won't be on your side

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Yulla Kanda trekking starts from a small village called Yulla Khas (base town) located on the slopes of hills. The village is famous for its Kinnauri apples and is culturally rich

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Trek length to reach Yulla Lake is 12 km from this base town which offers scenic mountain views while walking amidst the thick woodland of oak, pine and deodar trees to glades and lastly, towards the sacred lake

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During the Janmashtami festival, people from Kinnaur and different parts of Himachal Pradesh and India, walk many miles to reach Yulla Kanda

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