Millet Dishes Dominate G20 Summit Dinner Menu; 7 Amazing Health Benefits Of These Nutritional-Dense Superfood

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 10, 2023

2023 is the 'International Year of Millets' and you must consume these power-packed and nutrients dense benefits due to its numerous benefits. Each millet is 3-5 times nutritionally better than rice and wheat in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Millets are rich in B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and zinc, and gluten-free. Millets can help you in losing weight and are also good for diabetic people

Kodo Millet: is high in fibre, rich in soluble minerals, and gluten-free. Thus, it is easily digestible. Kodo millet benefits heart, liver, kidney, and gut health immensely due to the presence of fibre, iron, protein, and low phosphorus

Finger Millet (Ragi): It is a gluten-free variant of Millet, rich in proteins and amino acids. In growing children, finger millet is intended to facilitate brain growth. It is also high in calcium and has healthy concentrations of iron and other minerals as well. Ragi also has a good number of essential amino acids essential for the human body in the antioxidant activity of traditional Indian foods

Foxtail Millet (Kakum/Kangni): It is rich in carbohydrates that help in balancing blood sugar levels in the body. These millets have high iron content and can improve overall immunity

Sorghum Millet (Jowar): is used to make rotis and other bread. Organic Jowar is a rich source of iron, protein, and fibre and, because of the presence of policosanols, it can help lower cholesterol levels. People with wheat allergies can eat Jowar as a healthier alternative. Jowar also has more antioxidants than blueberries and pomegranates and is rich in calories and macronutrients. It also helps increase metabolism

Pearl Millet (Bajra): is prepared in various ways, including roti and khichdi. Bajra contains iron, fibre, protein, and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Regular pearl millet intake can help battle Type II diabetes and overall wellbeing

Buckwheat Millet (Kuttu): is often used during the Navratra fasting time. It is diabetic-friendly and helps in reducing blood pressure. If you want to lose weight, it should be integrated into your diet. Buckwheat also provides protection against breast cancer, asthma and gallstones

Amaranth Millet (Rajgira/Ramdana/Chola): is rich in protein and dietary fibre. It is great for a healthy diet. This millet also helps in fighting greying and hair loss. Amaranth also lowers cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease risk. Calcium, vitamins, and other minerals are high in it

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