7 Modern claw clip hairstyles for a hassle-free look

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 22, 2023

The Classic French Twist is perfect for all ladies. It is chic enough to walk into the boardroom or go on a first date. Tuck the ends or let some face-framing hairs loose for a bit of edge—either way, your hair is fully up and out of your face

Volumized Pony is for the girls who are looking for extra volume on fine hair. To achieve this look, simply pull your hair back in a high pony using a classic hair tie, separate the pony into two sections, lift a chunk of hair up, and secure the claw clip underneath

Half-Up, Half-Down is a perfect hassle free look for the girls with short hair

Effortless and Comfortable is for the everyday look. It is the most effortlessly chic way to style with a claw clip is to twist your hair like you are doing a bun and clip it all in

Curly and Low Twist is the one for the girls who are always running out of the house last minute but still want to look put-together

The Perfect Bun is a classy look where you need to bend your hair at the base of your head, create a low ponytail and twist upwards to finally fixate the French twist with the clip

Side Braided Clip is when you need to position your braided style to the side of your head and secure it with a clip

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