7 Interesting Facts About Puri Jagannath Temple

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 19, 2023

The Puri Jagannath Temple, located in Puri, Odisha is one of the oldest and most sacred Hindu temples in India. It is believed to have been built around the 12th century, making it over 800 years old

The temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, a form of Lord Vishnu, along with his siblings Balabhadra (Balarama) and Subhadra. The idols of the deities are made of wood and are replaced every 12 or 19 years in a grand ceremony known as Navakalevara

The temple follows strict rituals and traditions. One of the most famous rituals is the 'Rath Yatra', where the deities are taken out of the temple in massive chariots and pulled by thousands of devotees. It attracts millions of pilgrims from around the world

The temple has a unique tradition called 'Chhera Pahanra,' which signifies the absence of any discrimination among devotees. During the Rath Yatra, the Gajapati King of Puri sweeps the chariots with a golden broom, symbolising that everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, or social status, is equal in the eyes of Lord Jagannath

The temple's iconic tower (shikhara) houses a prominent wheel-shaped discus known as the Sudarshan Chakra. The Chakra is believed to be a powerful weapon associated with Lord Vishnu and is considered highly sacred

The temple has an enormous kitchen known as the 'Mahaprasad Kitchen,' where food is prepared for thousands of devotees every day. It is considered the largest kitchen in the world and operates on a grand scale to feed the pilgrims visiting the temple

The temple has a unique phenomenon where the flag on the top of the temple always seems to be fluttering in the opposite direction of the sea breeze. This mysterious occurrence has intrigued visitors and devotees for centuries

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