7 Foods that should not be consumed during summer

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 29, 2023

Fried Foods: are difficult to digest and make you feel sluggish and slow. They also, triggers acne and pimple outbreak especially during summers

Salty Snacks: Excessive intake of sodium can lead to water retention and bloating. To beat the summer heat, opt for healthier snack options like fresh fruits and crunchy nuts that are nutritious and energetic

Carbonated Drinks: contain high levels of sugar and artificial additives. Instead, choose healthier alternatives like infused water, natural fruit juices, or herbal teas to keep yourself hydrated and revitalized

Heavy and Creamy Desserts: can leave us feeling bloated during the summer heat. Opt for lighter alternatives such as fresh fruit salads, frozen yoghurt, or sorbets to satisfy your sweet tooth

Spicy Foods: can raise body temperature and induce excessive sweating

Red Meat: dishes can take a toll on our digestive system and increase body heat

Caffeinated Beverages: like tea and coffee can contribute to dehydration

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