7 Food that you thought are vegetarian; but actually are not

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 13, 2023

A few chips manufacturers use lard, a semi-solid white fat product derived from the fatty tissue of pigs which is used as a taste enhancers in chips

Many beer brands use fish bladders during the brewing process to clarify their drinks and remove yeast from beer

Many international brands use castoreum as a flavouring ingredient that comes from the castor sac, a scent gland beavers use to mark their territory

Certain candies also contain gelatin which is a colourless and flavourless food ingredient derived from the collagen of animal body parts

Several wine brands use fish bladders for clarifying the drink

A few sugar manufacturers use bone char for refining of sugar which is made with cow bones

Rennet is taken from calves’ stomachs to aid in coagulation of cheese

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