7 Delicious Lesser-Known South Indian Dishes Everyone Must Definitely Try

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 26, 2023

1. Pesarattu: Pesarattu, Pesara Attu, Pesara Dosa, or Cheeldo originated in Andhra Pradesh and is eaten as a breakfast. It is made with green gram batter but unlike a typical Dosa, it does not contain Urad Dal

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2. Paniyaram: is made by steaming batter made of black lentils and rice and is similar in composition to the batter used to make Idli and Dosa

Pics credit: Twitter- @desi_thug1

3. Palakaru Pappu: is a nutrition-dense and protein-rich Dal Palak famous in South India

4. Puttu Kadala: is a popular dish in South India, especially in Kerala. It consists of two main components- Puttu, a steamed rice cake, and Kadala Curry, a spicy chickpea curry. This dish is not only delicious but also nutritious

5. Kootu: is a lentil and vegetable stew in South Indian, particularly Tamil and Kerala cuisines

6. Pootharekelu: is a popular Indian sweet from Andhra Pradesh and is popular during festivals, religious occasions and weddings. The sweet is wrapped in a wafer-thin rice starch layer resembling paper and is stuffed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts

7. Elaneer Payasam: literally translates to 'Tender Coconut Pudding' in the Tamil language, is a mouth-watering authentic South Indian dessert prepared with tender coconut water, milk, tender coconut flesh and coconut milk. It is served chilled and tastes fantastic

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