25 Most Legendary Restaurants In The World; 4 Are From These Indian Cities

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 26, 2023

Figlmüller in Vienna, Austria which ‘has earned its reputation by specialising in a single dish – the 'Schnitzel Wiener Art' – for over a century', is named the most legendary restaurant in the world

It is followed by Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City, USA for its Pastrami On Rye

Warung Mak Beng in Sanur, Indonesia is ranked 3rd for its Ikan Goreng

'Kozhikode‘s historic Paragon restaurant' has been named the 11th most legendary restaurant in the world, with biryani being termed its “most iconic dish." Paragon in Kozhikode, Kerala is celebrated for its mastery of traditional Malabar cuisine. Their Biryani is a blend of rice, meat, and spices, steeped in age-old traditions and prepared with locally sourced ingredients

The 12th spot is occupied by Tunday Kababi in Lucknow which is immensely popular for its Mughlai cuisine. “The star offering, the Galouti Kebab, is a culinary masterpiece featuring finely minced meat tenderized with raw papaya and an assortment of spices. Its distinctive taste profile and the legacy behind its creation have garnered Tunday Kababi a devoted following, both domestically and internationally,” according to Taste Atlas

Peter Cat in Kolkata is ranked 17th for its Chelow Kebab

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal is ranked 23rd for its Aloo Paratha

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms in Bangalore is ranked 39th for its Rava Idli

Karim’s in Delhi is ranked 87th for its Mutton Korma

And Ram Ashraya in Mumbai is ranked 112th for its Upma

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