7 Cutest Robots Ever Made In The History Of Sci-fi Movies

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 20, 2023

Johnny 5: This pop culture robot is friendly, funny and lovable. The robot was featured in 1986 film Short Circuit as Johnny 5 aka Number 5

Marvin: Since the 1970s Marvin has evolved. And the best thing about this robot is one of the cutest sci-fi creature

BB-8: The Star Wars character is a very pop culture. This tiny robot is loved by so much that it now exists in almost every household universally

Data: This dutiful lieutenant commander, Data is a Star Trek character. He is Sherlock Holmes' fan and is loved across the world

Bumblebee: A true friend everyone wants from Transformers franchise. This little hero has his own movie and we doubt someone has missed seeing him

Weebo: One of children's favourite movie Flubber gave a complex yet interesting character. A faithful and fiery girl, Weebo is a progressive robot, for we don't see many female protagonists in the movies, let alone female robots

Astro Boy: It's hard to not love Astro Boy. He fires lasers and can fly. He is a sweetheart with purest intentions which wins our heart

WALL·E: Everything about WALL·E is adorable, even the cockroach. He is ahead of his time and environment conscious who wants to save the world

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