7 Bold Eye Makeup Looks To Try This Navratri

By: FPJ Web Desk | October 18, 2023

Eye makeup can completely change ypur look! For a morning look, try some pastel coloured eye shadow on the tip of your eye instead of the entire eyelid. Complete the look with a light pink lipstick

Who can forget Deepika Padukone's iconic Cannes look? The bold eyemakeup is perfect for the festive looks

Go classic with the Retro look! Make sure to complete the much loved Retro wing-eyed look along with the classic hairbun

Add some popo of colour to ypur look with a Bold coloured eye liner or Kajal. Match your outfit and wear an eye liner in the bottom lid

Try some twist to the popular winged eye liner. Add some effects to your liner with some brown eye-shadow colour and complete the look with a dark brown lipstick

Add some drama to your look by adding some dots as a liner. Surprised! You can add thye dots by using your liner, kajal or just your bindis

Last but not the least, add a twist to your Smokey Eyes. Instead of the classic black Kajal, use a similar colour to your outfit to make the Smokey Eyes

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