7 Auspicious Plants Used For Puja That Are Must Have At Every Indian House

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 15, 2023

Tulsi is a plant that holds a sacred status in Hindu religion. This plant is a must have at every Indian household due to its importance during Pujas. Devotees offer Tulsi leaves to Hindu deities to perform various ceremonies. Tulsi is an easy to grow and easy to maintain plant that can be also used for its medicinal purposes

Marigolds are the most popular flowers offered to deities during Pujas. The flower that comes in yellow and orange colour, can be easily grown at your home. Not just for Puja purpose, Marigold plants are a stunning addition to your homes

Banana plant is essentially a garden plant due to its height. But this important plant is essential for most Hindu festivities. You can easily plant them at your home as well

Bel Patra is another plants, where the leaves are used during Pujas

Hibiscus or Chine Rose is a plant that is very important to Hindu religion. This flower is offered to most Hindu deities during Pujas. You can easily grow them in small pots at your home

Mango- known as the king of fruits has an important part in Pujas. The leaves are used in all auspicious occasions and not just a garden, now you can grow them at your home as well

Shankhapushpi or Aparajita plant is a stunning climber plant. It is a perfect addition to your home balcony. It is another plant where the flowers are used in various Pujas and has medicinal purposes as well

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