6 Worst Jobs In History You Didn't Know About

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 01, 2023

Plague burier: The Black Death was the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history. It caused the death of 75-200 million people across Eurasia and North Africa

Chimney sweep: Often reserved for small children who could squeeze their bodies into the narrow spaces, the role of chimney sweep involved clearing out ash and dust from chimneys. The job was unpleasant and came with many hazards, including the constant exposure to and inhalation of toxic substances

Snake milker: This job involves catching snakes and use their venom as antivenom. This unpleasant but important profession still exists as a treatment for snake bites

Bone grubber: Back in the days, bone was considered a useful if not valuable material and was used to make personal items such as necklace. There was an occupation known as bone grubbing, which involved scrounging around wherever possible, looking for matter to sell on to bone dealers

Rat catcher: In Britain people believed rats were unlucky. Professional rat catchers would cover themselves in oils to attract the rats, and then they would kill them with their bare hands

Groom of the stool: A monarch would not go to the bathroom along. One aristocrat would always accompany and aid the king or the queen with all things bathroom related

Vomit collector: Yes, just like trash collector, Romans had vomit collector post their extravagant parties. They would eat and drink to high heaven and once full, they would actually induce vomiting to make room for more food. Their trusty would collect it in empty buckets

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