6 Bizarre Advice For Girls From The 19th Century That No Woman Follows Today

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 30, 2023

The 19th century was dedicated to the social, economic and political development across the world. It was the same time when girls were kept in the windows and advised to follow the rules that defined them as women of high standards, which you may not agree now

Healthy is being beautiful: If you are healthy, you are beautiful is what makes for a beautiful girl. An ugly girl is not healthy is what was told to girls

Be diet conscious: In his book Advice, Dr Kellogg alerted girls with spices, pepper, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, cloves, essences, all condiments, salt, pickles, fish, fowl, oysters, eggs, and milk. Isn't that weird?

Coffee isn't good for a girl: We've talked before about the many surprising uses for coffee, but we didn't know that the influence of coffee in stimulating the genital organs is notorious

Marry at the right age: It should be 20 not late than this because this period is that at which the body attains complete development. Do we believe it today? Clearly no

Courtship or engagement aren't required: They are dangerous as can harm the relationship than benefit because people can fall into temptation

Dress appropriately: Modesty is everything, apparently. In the book Dr. Kellogg writes that maidenly modesty is one of the best qualities which any young lady can possess

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