Top 5 Fantasies Of Married Couples In India

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 29, 2023

Every love connection demands intimacy, and partners strive to keep their union passionate and exciting. Over time, it's common to establish a routine in the bedroom, which could make it seem monotonous and dull. Married people can spice things up in a variety of ways by exploring, trying new things, and spicing up the routine

Exploring the wild side: The fact that arranged marriages are popular in India and restrict people from having a sexual identity to find before being married may be the cause of people's desire to have sexual interactions with someone other than their current spouse

A night of Impulse: The excitement and spontaneity of a one-night stand are what give it its delight. It is a method to enjoy a fleeting moment of desire while breaking up the routine of a long-term marriage

The Art of Flirting: In Indian culture, flirting is frequently seen with contempt. However, a lot of married people in India fantasise about flirting with someone other than their spouse. Flirting is a strategy to make yourself feel wanted and attractive, and it may greatly increase your confidence

A click away: According to Gleeden's survey, in India, married people frequently indulge in the dream of virtual flirting since it enables them to explore their fantasies without physically stepping outside of their marriage

Fantasy or Reality: The final fantasy on our list is having sex with the current partner while fantasising about a renowned person. In India, both men and women share this common desire. It allows one to engage in some fantasy and investigate their sexual urges

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