6 Ways To Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 05, 2023

Stop comparing yourself with others: It will always keep you restless and unsatisfied. Instead: Practice Gratitude every morning or evening and you can maintain a habit of writing about things that went well that day

Liberate yourself from phone addiction: Instead: Turn off your phone one hour before bed and turn it on, after an hour after waking up

Stop quitting too easily: When you quit, you will always fail. When you stay strong in the game despite the challenges life throws you at; it will put you ahead of many people. To stick to the habit of not quitting: Commit for something- exercising, getting up early or reading daily and give your friend- a certain monetary amount; if you quit, they win and can keep that money

Distraction: Schedule a 15-minute block each day to do nothing, no distractions- not touching your phone. During this time, you will have to stop yourself from consuming any sort of information- reading, listening or watching news or videos or mindless Instagram scrolling

Stop multi-tasking: Multi-tasking is never good because you can't get best results when your focus is diverted towards doing multiple things at the same time. Instead: Commit your full focus on whatever you are doing at that moment

Step out of your comfort zone: Comfort zone = death of dreams. Doesn't mean that you need to push yourself too hard into doing something. Instead: Use the 85% Rule- to produce better, more creative work while curbing anxiety and burnout. It involves identifying and prioritizing your most essential tasks, and declining additional work that isn't worthy of your time

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