4 Excellent Ways To Deal With Difficult People Using JADE Technique

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 28, 2023

Difficult people could be anyone from your colleagues, relatives or anyone else. These people try to engage you in trivial matters that it may divert your focus from self-improvement. If there are people around you that often trigger you and try to manipulate you emotionally; then you need to set emotional boundaries with these people.

Emotional boundaries will help you to respond instead of reacting in a more controlled and healthy manner. Psychotherapist Israa Nasir suggests using JADE technique- Don't- Justify, Argue, Defend and Explain to deal with difficult people and protect your mental peace and mental health

Don't give any explanation to difficult people. These people will always question your choices but you don't need to justify yourself to them. You can instead say, "I am well aware that this is the best choice for me."

Don't enter into argument with such people. They will try their level best to provoke you so that they can put you down, gaslight and manipulate you. You can instead say, "Let's agree to disagree and talk about something else."

You don't need to defend and make these people understand your perspective and agree with you. You can instead say, "I have given deep thought to this situation and don't feel the need to discuss it."

Difficult people will always criticize your choices and put you into position where you will feel the need to justify yourself. If you went into explaining or justifying yourself many times earlier; stop doing it. You can instead say, "I have explained this before and I need you to respect my decisions. I am not up for discussing it further."

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