6 signs that you have burned out in your relationship

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 24, 2023

Are you feeling exhausted, disconnected, or bored in your relationship? May be you have been with your partner for a while, and things may have starting to have fallen out. There is love between you two and you may not also want to end this relationship, yet, it seems falling flat. You could be experiencing burnout in the relationship

Not feeling motivated: Going out for dinner or spending time together seems like a chore and you enjoy rather being with yourself or doing other stuff. You may not want to put any effort into it

There's a disconnect: It could be emotional or physical. You may be talking the same way but that feeling of being attached is missing. Probably, your calls are becoming more about updates than a conversation

It feels hopeless: You may not be able to figure out where this relationship is going. You are optimistic about the days ahead but might be feeling hopeless and depressed within your relationship or about the future

There are doubts: Are you having doubts if this is the right person for you? Or if you made a wrong decision. Do you feel, there's no connect between you two and trying to make it work? This is a sign of burnout

No more patience: You find yourself getting irritated and frustrated very easily. Some of your partner's habits are making you feel annoyed which you used to endear and feel normal about. If you observe your temperament has changed and there are more arguments, chances are you have taken up to nagging role

One of you is cheating: It's the worst thing, but when the relationship starts to burnout, the other person can cheat or think of doing so. You may just feel like bringing that excitement and change again in the relationship through other person

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