6 Books That Will Help You Master Your Communication Skills

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 24, 2023

How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere; The Secrets of Good Communication by Larry King & Bill Gilbert: is the key to building confidence and improving communication skills. This guide provides simple and practical advice to help make communication easier and more enjoyable

Exactly What to Say; The Magic Words for Influence and Impact by Phil M Jones: This book will motivate you to create your own examples to help you win more business, have more influence in your workplace and grow your persuasiveness in social circumstances

How to Talk to Anyone; 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil Lowndes: You can perfect your people skills with this fun, witty and informative guide, containing 92 little tricks to create big success in personal and business relationships. Author reveals the secrets and psychology behind successful communication

What Every BODY is Saying: Author Joe Navarro, a former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behaviour, explains how to 'speed-read' people, decode sentiments and behaviours, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviours. You will also get to learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie: provides the basic skills through which one can attract people and capture their goodwill and attention. The book highlights human psychology and reveals to the reader the ways to connect with other auras of human existence and hence influence one another gradually

Never Split the Difference; Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss: takes you inside the world of high-stakes negotiations. In this practical guide, he shares the nine effective principles—counterintuitive tactics and strategies—you too can use to become more persuasive in both your professional and personal life

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