5 Things You Should Remove From Your Bedroom Immediately

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 17, 2023

Mirror: Mirror can attract negativity in your family members and in you

TV in front of your bed: Setting up TV in front of your bed increases laziness and lethargy. Better you place it into your drawing room

Paintings showing sorrow or sadness: Anything that symbolizes suffering, sorrow, sadness, and also violence should not be in your personal surrounding in bedroom

Dark colour furniture: Dark colours are not helpful in constructing a pleasant look in the room. Dark colours lower the energy level of the room and make it appear gloomy

Bookshelf: Avoid setting up a bookshelf in the bedroom. In case you choose to have one, try not to arrange the bookshelf in the North-East direction of the room as doing so will lead to unfavourable outcomes

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