5 Things That Men First Notice In Women While Dating

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 03, 2023

When you are dating a man; there are certain traits, habits and likes of yours that he will first notice. These will tell him about your personality and you as a person in whole

Your facial expressions: This is the first thing man take a note of in the woman they are interested in. They will observe when she smiles, rolls her eyes, etc. to know what she is thinking even without her saying it

Your dressing sense: Your choice of outfit and the colour of the outfit conveys a lot about you. Your mood of the day, the kind of person you are and your overall personality whether you are a loud or a subtle person

Your taste in music: If both of you are interested in music then, he will be able to know about you, based on your music preferences and if both of your choices match that is a brownie point in your relationship with them

Your texting style and language: The use and choice of emojis, texting patterns and communication styles will convey a lot about you to him

Your food preferences: If you prefer eating more salads and organic food then, it conveys that you are health conscious. So, when you go out with him for a dinner and based on what you order; he will come to know about your lifestyle

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