6 Heartwarming Questions That Feel Like A Hug In Relationship

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 29, 2023

"Do you need me to stay a little longer?" When you ask this question to your significant one or the person you like but haven't really expressed your feelings; that shows your care towards them. It also conveys your thoughtfulness to make them feel good when they aren't feeling better either physically or mentally

"Wanna borrow my jacket?" It is winter time and your girlfriend is feeling cold and when you see that, and you offer her your jacket; it shows your care towards her

When you and your partner are sharing a yummy pizza or any other delicacy and when you ask, "Want the last bite?" It conveys your immense love for that person

"What do you need right now?" If your partner isn't in a good mood and you clearly realise that; best thing that you can ask them is if they need something; they may just be wanting you to spend your time with them or anything else

"Why do you feel that way?" When instead of blaming your partner when you are having a disagreement; you calmly ask them about the reasons for their anger; that's maturity. Also, if they are expressing something to you that you may not be aware of; you try to understand them better by asking this question

"How can I love you better?" When you are in a relationship and your partner's happiness is your priority; so when you ask them- their views on what all you need to do that will make them happy; it shows your ability to understand your partner's needs

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