5 Spiritual Ways To Use Japanese Warosoku Candles At Home

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 16, 2023

Traditional Japanese candles, known as warosoku are a uniquely shaped candle design with the power to captivate and calm observers with their large, yet graceful, clear flame

They hold great cultural significance in Japan, particularly given their cruelty-free nature and pleasing aesthetics

Warosoku are made from bran rice and other plant extracts, and are known for their particular shape and distinctive scent when burning. The flame is also much larger than their western counterparts due to the wick being much thicker

With the increasing appeal of vegan lifestyles, warosoku have had a second wind of popularity as the candles today are completely composed of plant-based materials

Using this candle for evening meditation is a best way to attract good energies. The candle burns for about 25-30 minutes

Traditionally, Japanese candles are not used at dinner parties, however, in case you have planned an intimate gathering, modern families have started using it. This will also add to your dining d├ęcor for its interesting designs

Warosoku candles are said to have spiritual powers. If you are keeping these candles for family prayer or at a home temple, this is said to bring you closer to the realm of the spirits

Warosoku can be used for all sorts of reasons. Their vivid light and distinctive smell would make the perfect accompaniment to a nice meditative soak in the bath, or for self meditation, or simply to achieve your own sense of mindfulness

Knowing their historical significance and general usage in the Japanese cultural context may help you to find a place for your own warosoku that works for you

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