5 Must-Read Inspiring Books by Sudha Murthy

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 02, 2023

'Dollar Bahu' is a book that explores the clash between traditional Indian values and modern aspirations

Through its powerful storytelling and compelling characters, 'Mahasweta' sparks conversations, raises awareness, and compels us to take a closer look at the issues plaguing our society

It is a story of a marriage falling apart while the two are in love as ambition and self-interest suffice. It tells us about how love alone cannot make a marriage work

A delightful compilation of heartwarming stories, this book revolves around the transformative power of literacy

In this collection of real-life stories, Murty introduces readers to extraordinary individuals she has encountered throughout her life. 'Wise and Otherwise' is an enlightening journey that celebrates the beauty of human goodness

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