5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Deodorants

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 17, 2023

Using deodorant is an essential part of personal hygiene as well as a social etiquette. But there are some mistakes that many people make which might affect their inadvertently. Here's what you need to avoid

Not reading labels before buying it: It's important to understand the ingredients in the deodorant you are planning to buy. You may not know but there may be an ingredient or chemical that you are sensitive to. If you check the label and ingredients you may avoid an infection

Using wrong type of deodorant: Stick, toll-on, gel, and most common spray deodorants are some of the types most of us use. Choosing the wrong type for your skin can cause you harm. For instance, a fragrance-free or hypoallergenic formula may work better for people who have sensitive skin

Applying on skin without cleaning it: Applying deodorant on sweaty or dirty skin can reduce its effectiveness and can also cause allergies. Clean and dry your underarms before you apply deodorant

Don't apply immediately after shaving: You skin is sensitive after you shave and applying deodorant can irritate it more. Wait for sometime after shaving to apply deodorant to avoid potential burn or discomfort

Don't over do it: Don't bath in deodorant but apply it enough. If you apply too much on your skin it can lead to product buildup. Stickiness, and skin irritation. A thin layer can provide sufficient protection from odor

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