5 Innovative Ways To Make Healthy French Fries

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 03, 2023

French Fries can be healthy. Yes, you read it right. If prepared the right way, French fries can actually turn into a rewarding, satisfying, guilt-free snack. Chef Sameer Karkare of The Westin Garden City Mumbai shares some unique ways to make healthy French fries which will satiate your taste buds and provide you nutritional benefits for your health

Bake, Don’t Fry: Traditionally, fries are cooked in vegetable oil which results in extra fat and calories. And you’re undoubtedly cutting back while baking method is applied

Grilling is another way to make yummy French fries; minus the guilt. Prepare just like you would in order to bake fries in the oven, and then fire up the grill. Keep turning to prevent the fries from sticking

Opt for Sweet Potato Instead Skip your standard white potato, and make a healthier version by going with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a complex carb that will not turn into sugar directly; any extra glucose will be stored as fat

Be sure to keep those nutrient-rich skins on the sweet potatoes, and then you can slice them however you want. Coat the fries with a tablespoon of olive oil, then toss them in your favorite seasoning and spread out on a baking sheet

Zucchini Fries: Oven-baked, breaded zucchini strips. It's a healthy alternative and ideal for that crunch that you crave

Avocado Fries: Slice up avocado, slather it in breadcrumbs, and bake until crispy. Not to mention, these are healthy French fries. They’re high in fiber, protein, and vitamins, with very little saturated fat

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