5 Beauty Tips For Brides Getting Married In 30 Days

By: FPJ Web Desk | November 12, 2023

Wedding is a big day in every woman's life. Being a bride can be very exciting and stressful as well, while everyone is busy preparing for the wedding, the brides get busy with focusing on taking care on how they would look. If you are getting married in a month, we have some beauty tips that will make your life simpler

With different beauty and hair treatments being offered for the Brides. Here are 5 important tips by Delhi based dermatologist Dr (Major) Gurveen Waraich from Dr Garekars that every bride to be should follow

No new product, no new facial, no experiment. In case you are a last minute bride, make sure to keep a minimum of a one-week gap before your first function

If you have fine peach fuzz on your face, choose shaving your face instead of waxing. It will give a smooth finish, and shaving will not lead to thicker growth

If you want to try hair treatments to look your best on your D-day, the safest option is hair botox. Avoid smoothening and keratin treatments, as it might lead to hairfall

Tip for your D-day: Before starting your makeup, massage your face with a light moisturizer for 5 minutes. Leave a sheet mask on your face and tea bags on your eyelids for a few minutes, for the glow

Last but not least, keep smiling. As happiest brides are the prettiest brides!

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