10 Winter superfoods that promise to boost immunity

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 11, 2022

Dates are the healthiest snacks as they are are high in nutrients, iron, magnesium, copper, fibre and antioxidants. They are natural sweetener that can balance your blood sugar levels.

Include ginger in teas and food especially during winters. Ginger controls blood sugar levels, drops cholesterol levels and fights infections. It also cures indigestion and is beneficial for the heart.

Bajra is rich in minerals and fibre and keep joints strong. Bajra rotis and bajri ki khichdi can be best enjoyed with ghee and jaggery.

Sesame (Til) is healthy for eyes, skin and bones. It can be used as a seasoning on snacks like khandvi, patra and gajak, tili ke ladoo and all are beneficial to consume during winters. You can also include sesame oil in your cooking.

Kulith is a pulse that prevents kidney stones, burns fat and the dal is especially helpful when it comes to recovering from cold, flu and even migraines.

Jaggery or Gur helps improve digestion, purifies the blood and keeps you warm during winters. It also regulates bowel movement and boosts metabolism. You can include jaggery in your diet by making chikki out of it, along with bajre ki roti, during winters to absorb all the goodness and stay fit during the season.

Ghee is good for digestion and acts as a great lubricant for the joints. While it strengthens bones, it is great for the skin too. You can easily add ghee to your diet by including it in your cooking.

Mustard seeds are a great source of vitamins C, K, and A and are also rich in fibre, zinc and selenium. These seeds can be dressed in salads, used as a tadka into dishes. They keep the body warm so include them in your cooking in winters.

Who doesn't like roasted peanuts during winters? It also keeps your body warm and your heart healthy. It is a nutritious food that satisfies your hunger too. You can add peanuts to your diet by making chikki out of it or peanut powder that can be eaten with your rotis.

Indian winters are incomplete without sarson ka saag, especially in the northern region. It is best served with makke ki roti and a much-awaited dish for Punjabis. Saag is a nutritious dish that is great for weight loss and decreases cholesterol level.

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