10 ways to turn your small balcony into a luxury space

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 26, 2023

Balcony is a celebrated area that adds a sense of quirkiness to an apartment. However, with smaller balconies in cities like Mumbai, it can be tricky to decide what to include and how to perfect the space. Here are some essential tips from Design Hex that will help you create the best, cozy small balcony ever

Begin with the right materials: The right balcony flooring and wall materials can make a big difference in creating a foundation for your balcony. Consider options like deck wood, concrete floor, and printed tiles for flooring, and ACP panels or outdoor textures for walls

Add an outdoor rug or runner: Through the flooring or rugs, one can make the balcony look a little more dynamic with the play of different textures. Colors can come in through cushions or collectables

Assemble multipurpose furniture: Incorporate multipurpose furniture in a small balcony that ensures there is ample space while also having enough to be seated or to keep your essentials

Natural plants over artificial: Balconies are perfect for natural plants, even for those who struggle to maintain them. Low maintenance options like creepers add a beautiful canopy without taking up much floor space. Green walls are also a great way to bring a lush green balcony without taking up too much floor space, an important factor in bigger cities

Decorate with quirky additions: Add personality with collectibles and statement pieces. Incorporate small quirky décor options, frames, etc. Use cane or rattan furniture to save space and add a dash of color with outdoor cushions for a cozy look

Add in a swing/recliner: No balcony is complete without a swing or a recliner, it's a perfect addition to enjoy the outdoor space, natural plants and breezy winds. For open balconies, adding an umbrella seating or canopy makes the balcony more weather-friendly and brings in a holiday vibe

Light the drama: Lights are the drama. The way you play with lights on your balcony will be a mood changer, especially during the night. Make sure you add subtle ambient lighting, fairy lights, and some lamps if there is enough space to collectively add character to the space

Alter technical areas as per use: The balcony is everyone’s favorite spot for a cup of tea and some gossip, but if you plan on extending it as an occasional WFH buddy or anything specific ensure to make some arrangements for that prior to setting it all up. This includes extra plug points, some desk options, etc.

Keep it cosy: Cute little jute baskets to store comforters are a must for any balcony so that anytime you feel the cool winds, you just grab these and enjoy your time

Minimal for the win: Whatever you do, make sure everything is paced out and minimal. Overcrowding a balcony will only restrict space to sit and move. Hence, keeping it simple but significant to have the perfect small balcony

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