10 ways to keep your nails healthy, shiny and long this winter

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 31, 2022

Who doesn't want long, healthy nails. And we do a lot of things to have them. But in winters, our efforts seem to fail our expectations, when we want to flaunt them, for our hands are completely covered. Here are a few tips to follow to have shiny and healthy nails this winter

Never leave your nails naked. When your nails have a coat of armor in the name of base coat, polish, and top coat, they're protected from water. They're also less likely to break and peel because they're protected. Always protect your nails with polish. A naked nail is a sad nail

Keep your nails moisturised: As with everything else, our nails lose a ton of moisture during the winter season, when the temperature begins to drop. Therefore, a lack of moisture can result in dry and brittle nails

To keep your hands, fingers, and nails moisturized to prevent moisture loss from the cold weather, and safeguard your nails from splitting, peeling, and breaking. Use a good hand cream and make sure to apply a coat of that cream on each nail and massage it well

Wear gloves for better nail care, when working with your hands. When you wear gloves, you protect your nails from getting dry and at the same time, keep dirt out of your nails. Doing so can protect your nails from breakage and cold weather

Before you paint your nails, make sure to clean them off with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Always start with a base coat and end with a top coat

Filing nail regularly and gently two to three times per week will make sure those edges stay smooth. This is more important to saving your existing nails and adding new lengths than it sounds

A manicure once a fortnight is very essential for an elegant look. But before every manicure, remember to soak your hands in a little warm olive oil for 5 minutes

Brittle and splitting nails are common during winter. Get a pack of gelatine, put 2 tablespoons of it in a glass of water and drink this regularly for strong nails

Do light tapping of your nails on a hard surface, but not too hard

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