10 things you should never do in your 30s

By: Chhaya Gupta | January 10, 2023

Never neglect your health: Afterall health is even more than wealth. You can't enjoy anything without good health

Never share everything with anyone in your life; not even your parents or partner

Stop comparing yourself with others: their success, their way of living life (addictions etc.) - should not affect you. Don't get carried by other's activities

Never depend on your job as the only source of income; have multiple ways to generate wealth

Stop blaming others for your life happenings; take responsibility of your life

Never fear rejection. When it is a no, it definitely gives you a chance to do things in another way and improve yourself. Also, there are many other opportunities waiting for you

Never waste your time arguing with stupid people and people who aren't open for a discussion

Stop taking advice from everyone; you know yourself better and what is good for you

Stop taking criticism personally and obessing about it: What people think is their perception about you; not your reality. So chill

Stop waiting for the right time: Instead take actions, create opportunities and chase your dreams; make them come true

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